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What are the benefits of eggplant?
The benefits of eggplant, strong bones, osteoporosis prevention, anemia symptoms, such as reducing many benefits can be listed. Eggplant has a wide range of benefits to our health. In order to benefit from the benefits of eggplant, you can benefit from both consuming them and consuming them as roasted. We have classified the benefits of eggplant for you. If you want to know the benefits of raw eggplant, what are the benefits of roasted aubergine, in the details Ç

What are the benefits of eggplant?
Eggplants are native to the Indian continent and are a variety of vegetables found in different cuisines around the world. Although these purple or black bright vegetables are significantly smaller in normal farming, they can grow more than a foot length in wild species. Eggplants are used in many dishes in Turkish cuisine. Eggplant vegetable does not only flavor the dishes, but also provides health benefits. Here are the benefits of eggplant with its various effects on our health İşte

Eggplant benefits



Eggplant has various benefits to our health. If we briefly summarize the benefits of eggplant; There are various benefits such as preventing bone resorption, eliminating anemia, helping to lose weight, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Fiber is the source

Eggplant is essential for fiber, gastro-intestinal health and regular bowel movements. It collects your stool so that your digestive system works more comfortably. Eggplant also provides the secretion of gastric fluids, which facilitates the absorption of food, nutrients and the processing of foods.
The amount of fiber contained in the eggplant is also associated with a reduction in heart disease, because atherosclerosis eliminates bad LDL cholesterol, which can block arteries and vessels resulting in heart attack and stroke.

Helps to lose weight

Since eggplant contains a small amount of fat or cholesterol, it is a very healthy food for people who are trying to lose weight or fight with obesity. The fact that eggplant is rich in fiber also has a great effect on weight loss. Thanks to its dense fiber content and satisfying effect, eggplant prevents excessive eating and thus increases the chance of losing weight.

Prevents cancer

With the beneficial effects of fiber, eggplant increases the body resistance against various diseases. Eggplants are a great source of antioxidants, one of the best defensive lines of the body against a wide range of diseases and diseases. Since eggplants stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells, it contains vitamin C, which is an important part of the immune system. It also contains eggplant, a natural antioxidant and manganese, an essential mineral.

Improve bone health

Eggplant has very good benefits for people with bone health, bone degradation and increased risk of osteoporosis.

Phenolic compounds are those that provide unique coloration to eggplants and many other fruits. These compounds are also linked to reduced markers of osteoporosis to stronger bones and increased bone mineral density. Eggplants also contain plenty of iron and calcium that are good for bone health.

Prevents anemia

Iron deficiency can also bring fatal diseases. Iron deficiency may cause anemia (anemia). Due to the high amount of vitamin D in eggplant, it prevents anemia. Eggplant contains minerals that increase red blood cells.

When iron and copper minerals are combined, blood will be produced in the body. When these two minerals are not present in the body, blood production does not occur. Iron and copper minerals help increase red blood cell production.


With healthier red blood cells passing through your veins, you will see a noticeable increase in energy and strength, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and stress.

Improves brain functions

Eggplant contains plenty of herbal food. These herbal foodstuffs not only protect your body against free radical activity, they protect your body and brain from toxins and diseases, but also increase blood flow to the brain. By sending more oxygen-rich blood to his brain, they stimulate the neural pathways to strengthen the strengths of memory and analytical thoughts.

At the same time, potassium in eggplant acts as a brain booster.

Diabetes Management
Due to their high fiber content and low amounts of soluble carbohydrates, eggplants are the ideal food for the management of diabetes. The qualities of eggplants make them useful as regulators of glucose and insulin activity in the body. When insulin levels are stable and severe fluctuation in blood glucose levels

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