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portakalın faydaları

Almost everyone knows that the orange vitamin C has many benefits to human health. It is one of the healthiest foods that strengthen immunity, especially in the winter months. What are the benefits of an orange? What happens if you drink a glass of orange juice every day? We searched the unknown for you orange. In the detail of the news you can find everything about orange and orange juice.

Orange is a hybrid fruit spreading from India to the whole world during the Silk Road. This delicious food has many benefits to health, varying in taste according to the waiting time in the sun. The orange used in the skin, medicine and cosmetic industries contains high amounts of vitamins B and C. Specialists are the healthiest juice they recommend to be consumed especially at breakfast. Since folic acid it contains contributes to the development of infants, it is beneficial to eat regularly in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Jam, juice, tea and sweet orange fragrance of the shell of the orange is obtained. Orange, which is damaged during the transition of the season, contributes to the health of the body.



– Because it contains high vitamin C, the two medium-sized oranges consumed per day meet up to one hundred percent of the vitamin C that the body needs all day long.

– It reduces the risk of diseases by removing the body from all toxins. In addition, it prevents the formation of tumors and reduces the risk of cancer to zero.

– It prevents the formation of sand and stone by balancing the florans in the intestines when consumed regularly. It provides shedding of sand and stones.

– Sugar contains a positive effect on the blood sugar in diabetics can also consume among the fruits.

– It prevents toxins in the joints as well as arthritis as it cleans the toxins. Thus, the health of the body skeleton also positively affects. It also minimizes joint and bone pain and reduces the risk of discomfort in elderly people.

The benefits of orange

– It controls digestion with high fiber. It regulates metabolism, thus helping to lose weight. The fiber it contains is also good for stomach diseases.

– A glass of orange juice consumed before breakfast reduces stress and tiredness during the day. It also contributes to the health of the brain because it contains folic acid.

– Cough, asthma, bronchitis, chest tension and colds should be consumed in diseases such as stress is one of the most important food is emphasized.

– Orange shells have been used in beauty products and cures for centuries. In this way, the skin dermis the skin to the level of the deformed cells are renewed. Increases the number of young cells in the body by preventing wrinkles and aging. At the same time, it provides brightness and tension in the skin. Protects the skin’s pH and oil balance.

– You can add orange juice to the shampoo you use to get shiny and strong hair. Orange juice supports the growth of the roots of your hair more bushy.

Orange Shells


Put the dried 10 orange peel in 3 cups of boiled water for 10 minutes. Or you can also make your tea by buying powders made from orange peels.

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