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Armutun faydaları

The benefits of pear
When consumed in pear season, it provides numerous benefits for our health. Pear is a kind of fruit that grows in trees and is divided into various species. What are the benefits of pear, what are the benefits of pear?

Pear is a kind of fruit that grows on a tree with large leaves. Pear is a kind of fruit that is generally consumed by everyone. Pear is a hard and soft fruit that can be consumed in all conditions. Pear has many benefits to our health. Here are the benefits of the pear.

The benefits of pear Arm

Useful from the fruit of the peel
Pear shells are among the fruits to be consumed without peeling. According to the researches, pear bark has been found to contain 3-4 times more nutritious and beneficial substances than flesh.

Shell contains plenty of fiber
It is known that due to the abundant amount of fiber in the pear shell, it is good for digestion.

Prevents inflammation
At the same time, the pear shell has anti-inflammatory properties. You can prevent the inflammation of your body by adding pear crust inside the dishes, you can remove the inflammation in your body.

Vitamin C source
You already know how important vitamin C is for our body. It contains high amounts of vitamin C in pears. In this case, the pear, healing properties of the wounds and the immune system is known to keep strong.

Prevents blood clotting
Pears containing large amounts of vitamin K in the blood prevents clotting. Vitamin K is a vitamin that generally prevents blood clotting. We also use vitamin K to activate proteins in our body.

Good for bones
Due to the high amount of vitamin K in pears, it contributes to the development of bone and prevents the development of diseases of teeth and gums.

Antioxidant Depot
Antioxidant compounds in pear; prevent cancer and macular degeneration, improve vision, reduce the possibility of premature aging, maintain skin health and at the same time increase the strength and functionality of the brain.

By consuming one pear a day, you get a good benefit for your body. If you’re wondering what amount of nutrients you get when you consume one pear a day, let’s explain in the table below.

The nutritional values ​​you have gained when you consume one pear are listed below.

• Potassium: 116 mg
• Carbohydrate: 15 g
• Dietary fiber: 3,1 g
• Sugar: 10 g
• Protein: 0.4 g
• Calories (kcal): 57
• Total oil: 0.1 g
• Cholesterol: 0 mg
• Sodium: 1 mg
• Vitamin D: 0 IU
• Pyridoxin: 0 mg
• Vitamin B12: 0 12g
• Magnesium: 7 mg • Vitamin A: 25 IU
• Vitamin C: 4,3 mg
• Calcium: 9 mg
• Iron: 0.2 mg

Pear fruit is divided into its own content. Deveci pear is known to be very useful for health, especially compared to other pears.

If you want to consume pears with delicious and mouth taste, you should pay attention to some tips in the pear.

You can get information by clicking on the link below.

How to choose pear?
Benefits of Deveci pear
Deveci pear differs from other pears. The shape of this pear is usually amorphous and flattened from the bottom. However, among the other pear types, it is the most sugar-containing pear species. One side of the pear is green and the other side is light pink. Usually the sun-exposed part has turned pinkish color.

Deveci pear is a kind of fruit that is extremely useful for cardiovascular health.
Good for heartburn
The digestion regulator deveci pear is good for burning the stomach. The complaints of reflux and gastritis have also been proven to be healing.
Good for colds
This pear type is a complete healing source. It is said to protect from flu and cold especially when consumed in winter.

Good for those with an obstruction.
The pear is said to have a vasodilating effect in patients with vascular occlusion.
How many calories in pears?
Generally, the pear produced is also rich in nutritional values.
An average pearl contains 7.5 milligrams of vitamin C. One pear is 57.1 kcal.

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